Babu Jagjivan Ram Biography, Age, Wiki, Income Net Worth & More

Babu Jagjivan Ram Biography, Age, Wiki, Income Net Worth & More

Jagjivan Ram, India’s great politician, and the country’s first Dalit Deputy Prime Minister was affectionately known as Babuji.

Jagjivan Ram was a key role in the development of India’s parliamentary democracy. Jagjivan Ram was a person whom the British tried everything to manipulate in their favor, but they always failed because greed for money and the throne could never affect Jagjivan Ram.

Jagjivan Ram, along with Gandhiji, has made an important contribution to the freedom of India, that is why his name is immortal even today.

Babu Jagjivan Ram Biography

Babu Jagjivan Ram was a very popular leader among Dalits as he himself came from a Dalit community. Who fought for the downtrodden and downtrodden in his life.

Being a Dalit himself, he faced a lot of discrimination in his childhood. However, who knew that this child, who grew up in the struggles for one day, would later become Babu Jagjivan Ram and hold a special place in the pages of history.

NameBabu Jagjivan Ram
Other Names        Babooji
Date of Birth         April 5, 1908
Birth PlaceChandwa, Bhojpur, Bihar,
ParentsVasanti Devi, Sobhi Ram
Spouse Indrani Devi
ChildrenMeira Kumar, Suresh Kumar
EducationUniversity of Calcutta, Banaras Hindu University
PartyIndian National Congress
PostHe held the posts of Labor Minister, Railway Minister, Agriculture Minister, Defense Minister, and Deputy Prime Minister.
DeathJuly 6, 1986

Babu Jagjivan Ram’s Childhood

Babu Jagjivan Ram was born in a Dalit family in the year 1908 in the Bhojpur district of the country’s Bihar state. At the time of his birth, casteism was at its peak in the country.

Babu Jagjivan Ram had to deal with a lot of casteism since he was a child, which hurt him a lot.

As you know, before and after independence, casteism was at its peak in our country, at that time two pots were kept for drinking water in school or at railway station or other public place, out of which people of Hindu community used to drink water from one pot and people of Muslim community used to drink water from the other pot.

Once when Babu Jagjivan Ram was studying in his tenth standard, he drank water from a pot which was a pot of Hindus but some people complained to the principal of the school that a Dalit boy drank water from a pot of Hindus, after which the school principal kept a third pot for the Dalits to drink water the next day, seeing which Jagjivan Ram got very angry and broke that pot.

The next day, the principal of the school again kept a pot of water for the Dalits, which was also broken by Babu Jagjivan Ram. Following this, the school administration stopped keeping separate pots for Dalits to drink water.

Marriage of Babu Jagjivan Ram

Babu Jagjivan Ram married Indrani Devi, the daughter of Kanpur’s well-known doctor Birbal, in 1935. Babu Jagjivan Ram had two children after his marriage, naming his son Suresh and his daughter Meera. Meira Kumar, Babu Jagjivan Ram’s daughter, later joined the Lok Sabha.

Babu Jagjivan Ram’s Records

Babu Jagjivan Ram is also the longest-serving member of Parliament. Aside from that, Babu Jagjivan Ram holds the record for serving as a cabinet minister for the longest period of time.

People’s thoughts on Jagjivan Babu

According to Dr. Ambedkar, Jagjivan Ram is India’s foremost thinker, prophet, and wise politician who is concerned about the well-being of all. From the beginning, Jagjivan Ram fought tirelessly for the rights and respect of society’s oppressed people.

Subhash Chandra Bose said ‘The manner in which Jagjivan Ram has organized the labour and Harijan reform movement is exemplary for all,’.

Babu Jagjivan Ram’s death.

This great politician died on 6 July 1986 at the age of 78. Babu Jagjivan Ram is remembered in Indian society and politics as the messiah of the oppressed. He was one of the few leaders of independent India who changed the country’s politics as well as the direction of Dalit society.

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