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Bayko Ashi Havi TV Serial

A new series ‘Bayko Ashi Havi’ is starting on Colors Marathi. This is a series that reveals what her journey will be like when she arrives as Janhvi’s daughter-in-law, who grew up in an open environment in the house of Rajeshirke, a patriarchal system. The storyline of this series seems to be thrilling from the promo. The series will Starts on Monday, May 17.

NameBayko Ashi Havi
Main CastVikas Patil and Gauri Deshpande
ConceptViren A Pradhan
Director Ganesh Rasane
ProducerAarav Jindal
Co-producerRigvedi Viren
Swanand Joshi
Story & ScreenplayViren A Pradhan
DialoguesAruna Joglekar
EditorLala Saheb Yadav
SingerMayur Sukale
Sayali Mahadik Sawant
Make-up ArtistSunil Pawar
Art DirectorAjit Dandekar
Sound DesignerAnees Ansari
Costume DesignerRigvedi Viren
Production HousePiccolo Films
Euphoria Productions

Bayko Ashi Havi Cast

1. Vikas Patil As Vibhas Rajeshirke

Vikas Patil
Vikas Patil

2. Gauri Deshpande As Janhvi

Gauri Deshpande
Gauri Deshpande

3. Aparna Aparajit As Shakuntala (Janhvi’s mother)

Aparna Aparajit
Aparna Aparajit

4. Deven Kadam As Jivant (Vibhas’s brother)

Deven Kadam
Deven Kadam

5. Pradeep Welankar As Vibhas’s father

Pradeep Welankar
Pradeep Welankar

6. Rutuja Chipade

Rutuja Chipade
Rutuja Chipade

7. Sumaydh Gaikwad

Sushma Murudkar
Sushma Murudkar

Bayko Ashi Havi Story

After getting married, the daughter-in-law comes with a beautiful dream of the world, mixing sugar in the water as easily as it dissolves in water and brings sweetness. She carries it all out.

But what does she get in return? The father-in-law wants a daughter-in-law who will live in the house and the husband wants a wife who will fulfill his expectations. Colors Marathi is bringing the new series ‘Bayko Ashi Havi‘ with the same thread.

The series is produced by Euphoria Productions and Piccolo Films and written and directed by Viren Pradhan. The plot of this series is so short that Bhayyasaheb Rajeshirke is considered to be a very big breadth.

His son Vibhas is in charge of the house and business. From the outside, Rajeshirke is an ideal family. But Rajeshirke’s house has a patriarchal culture.


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Writers & Producers

The writer and director of the series, Viren Pradhan, said, if the coating of modernity and rationality is scratched, the old attitude of the majority of men towards women is still the same today.

When getting married, the girl should have a wife’s material, which means she should be a cook and a housekeeper. In fact, these are things that both husband and wife want to do together, which is conveniently ignored.

Women are still labeled as the duty of a woman and the duty of a man. This is the story of the masked and masked women, and of the heroine who tears down the masks and paints a picture of true coexistence. ‘

Without a woman, there is no family, no world But, still, she does not get much importance in the family and the experience of this will come to Janhvi at Rajeshirke’s house.

How will Janhvi change her mind with her sweet nature? It will be interesting to watch this then definitely watch ‘Bayko Ashi Havi‘ from Monday 17th May at 8.30 pm on your Colors Marathi.


In this post, the images are used is got from their Instagram accounts. we learn the Bayko Ashi Havi cast & Bayko Ashi Havi timing which coming on Colors Marathi.

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