Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update 10th January 2022 Episode

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update 10th January 2022 Episode:

Occasion starts with Sai packing her stuffs to leave from the house. Virat tried to stop her, but she prohibits him. She taunts him to looked after Shruti, while he insists her to let him atleast take care of her fiscal charges.

He says that her education is on him, while she stops him declaring that she always gets education plutocrat to pay her freights and rest she can pay handle with father’s saved plutocrat. She mocks him that he formerly have to fulfill Shruti’s demands and ask him not to worry about her. He looks at her being hurt, while she proclaims to manage her charges on her own.

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Then, Sai taked her bag and both have an emotional eyelock. She goes down from the room “ Ghum Hai kise Key Pyaar Meiin” song plays. Meanwhile, Devyani notify all the family members that Sai have decided to leave. Ashwini panics and ask everyone to stop her. Whereas, Ninad declares that he won’t let her go.

Sonali taunts Sai for noway harkening to them and doing whatever she wants. Karishma smirks and supports her, while Bhavani thinks about their family’s character. Sonali instigates Bhavani more by telling that what all people will say about their family. Karishma also joins her stating that first Virat married someone differently, without decoupling Sai and now she’s leaving the house.

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Away, Mohit shouts at Karishma asking her to stop. Pakhi also says that Sai noway listens to anyone differently. Samrat declares that if Sai feels suffocated in the house and wants to go, also he wo n’t stop her. He says that he’ll support Sai, while Ashwini gets sad and reminds him that when he was having complications with Pakhi, also at that time she tried so hard to get them together, rather of letting Pakhi leave.

Ashwini rebukes Samrat for not minding about Virat and Sai’s relationship, while ultimate declares that he’s just supporting the verity. Pakhi takes stand for her hubby and says that he’s correct. Devyani questions that what will be if Sai will get disassociated? To which Pulkit makes her understand that if Sai gets separated from Virat also she have to leave the house also.

Ahead, Devyani says that she wo n’t let Sai go. At that time Sai comes there with her luggage, while Ashwini and Ninad proclaims that they wo n’t let her leave. Samrat also comes forward asking her to stay, but she stays establishment on her decision. Sonali compares her with Karishma and taunts her for intransigence. Sai takes a stage for herself and says that she have further courage also Karishma and so is taking her own decision.

Sai ask Ninad to look after everyone especially Ashwini. Meanwhile, Pulkit tries to make her understand that she isn’t doing right. She says that her decision is correct, while Devyani states that she can’t live without her. She reminds her about what all she have done for her and cries asking her to stay. Sai states that Devyani deserves all the happiness and ask her to stay strong. Samrat also comes forward starting that he came back because of her. He says that he’ll also leave if she goes down.

Farther, Mansi and Pakhi looks at Samrat being shocked. Samrat declares that of Pakhi wants to separate the family, also he’ll also join her. Ashwini request Sai not to discipline them for Virat’s mistake. Meanwhile, Sai tries to make them understand. Away, Virat remembers his pledge to Sadanand and cries. He apologises to Sai’s father for breaking all his old pledges.

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