Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode:

Occasion starts with Pakhi asking about Sai and Virat’s divorce. Everyone looks at her being shocked, while she replies that if Virat stays with Shruti, also there is n’t any meaning of Sai and his marriage. Meanwhile, Sai gets agonized and cries.

Devyani glares at Pakhi, while Ashwini comforts Sai that she do n’t have to leave from there and assures that they all will support her. Suddenly, Sai feels dizzy whereas they all gets concerned and ask her to rest. Samrat insists her not to lock the door from outside and makes her lay on the bed before leaving.

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Then, Shruti says that she wants to return the favour of Virat by helping him. She states that she does n’t understand how to help him in anyway, to which he replies that he does n’t need any help and ask her to concentrate on making a list of needful effects for her new house. She says that she does n’t know how to look after her baby, to which Virat assures that he’ll help her.

Shruti questions Virat about his family’s response upon helping her, to which he says that he does n’t want to talk about them. He remembers about the allegations his family made upon him. Meanwhile, Shruti remembers Sadanand seeing Virat, while he also gets emotional thinking about him. He was about to go and shows his concern regarding Shruti.

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Away, Shruti questions Virat about his woman. He replies that she does n’t have to worry about him. She ask if he told his woman about the matter, while he replies negatively and says that he do n’t want to produce further problems in her life. He proclaims to notify her on the right time. Shruti questions him that if he loves his woman? To which he gets flashes of his lovely moments with Sai. He ask her to rest and leaves from there.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode

Pulkit gives drug to Sai, while she replies thta none lozenge can cure her pain. Devyani says that Sai can call her whenever she needs her. Whereas, Ashwini states that Sai habe always helped them, when they were in need and now they will be with her in time of difficulty. Latterly, Sai also remembers her moments with Virat and cries allowing that she should have expressed her love towards him.

Ahead, Virat tells Shruti that his woman does n’t trust him and have created more problems for him. Shruti shows her concern towards him, while he changes the content stating that he does n’t want to trouble her with his family addresses. He assures her that he’ll athwart all the misconstructions with his family, shile she smiles at him and says that he have helped her to bring her child in the world. She declares that she’ll give him Virat’s title as for everyone, she’s his woman. Virat remembers his pledge to Sadanand and agrees to Shruti.

Samrat along with Pulkit and Mohit bandy about Virat. He says how Virat can be so spineless. He tries to call Virat but ultimate does n’t receives the call. He gets angry at him for not minding about his woman. Mohit also tells that Virat have formerly checked out along with Shruti from the hostel. Meanwhile, Pulkit informs that Sai is really weak due to stress. Where, otherside croaker informs Virat that Shruti is really weak and her life is in peril due to complications she have faced during delivery. The croaker advice Virat to be with Shruti during her surgery.

Further, Sai wakes up and thinks that Virat won’t come back to the house. She decides to take a stage for herself and starts packing her stuffs. At that time Virat comes there and tries to talk to her. He gets shocked seeing her quilting and questions about it, to which she denies to answer. He ask her to have trust upon him, bit she replies negatively stating that he ca n’t be the poppet of him, to do whatever he tells. Virat says that she’s misreading him, while she looks on.

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