Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode:

Virat tells Sai that she’s creating an deficient picture in her mind and asks where is she going. She says its none of his business. He asked if she’s leaving the megacity. She says she wants to go down from the megacity where he stays, but because of her studies, she can not leave Nagpur and hence will stay nearly differently except his house.

He asked who gave her this bad idea. She says its her idea. He asks her to speak typically with him and holds her hand. She warns him to dare not touch her. He leaves her hand and reprises why is she leaving his house. She asked if he really is dumb not to understand anything. He says she wants to discipline him for the mistake which he didn’t do, and if she doesn’t trust him, he’ll try till his last breath to move her. He legs her to a cupboard and requests to trust him. She says she’ll a last time if he reveals who’s Shruti and how is she related to him.

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He thinks he can bear her abomination but not a threat on her life because of him. She asks if he can not answer, he should stay down from her and keep his phone near his heart as Shruti may call him anytime. He says that can not be the reason to leave home. She says if he’s done, let her complete her task. He says their relationship can not end so fluently, they’re musketeers and understand each other well.

He shows all her given gifts and asks if everything ended between them. She says he ended their relationship and fellowship sluggishly with his falsehoods. He says he can not stay in this room alone. She says he has formerly plant someone to stay with him. He warns her to stop now.

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Pakhi serves tea to elderly Chavans after breakfast. Bhavani asks Ninad if Virat returned home or not. Sonali asks Pakhi if she saw Virat returning home last night or not. Karishma jokes on Pakhi next. Pakhi lowering says she does n’t asset on anyone. Samrat says he and Mohit were in Sai’s room till late night, Virat did n’t return till they were there.

Ninad says Virat ran down whenever that woman called him. Karishma comments he must be planning to shift with her. Bhavani warns her to control her lingo. Pakhi says Karishma is right as Sai lost a right to spend nights with Virat and hence Virat is chancing solace nearly differently. Ninad says he wants to know who this Shruti is, he’ll tête-à-tête go and meet her and find out why she’s behind Virat. Samrat says only Shruti can not be criticized as Virat is inversely involved. Pakhi continues condemning Sai. Drama continues.

Sai and Virat’s battle continues. Virat tries his stylish to change her decision, but she gets adamant. She breaks her lavaliere during argument and injures her wrist. He rushes to her concerned and nursers her crack.

She remembers him supporting Shruti and fighting with family for her and angrily withdraws her hand back. She also says her Aaba misgauged him and bestowed her responsibility on him, but didn’t know he himself wants to get down from her. He says if she has a problem with him, he’ll leave the house rather of her. She asks him to stop his caloric addresses again. He says he’ll not intrude in her life or career again. She says he favored her by bringing her to this house, but she’s no more a helpless woman to quietly accept his favors and injustice. He remembers Aaba’s last words and says he’ll not stop her from whatever she wants to do.

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