Imlie Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

Imlie Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

Imlie finishes her sincere song. Tripathi’s praise her singing. Arpita says let us bandy our new time resolution on this new time’s dusk and asks Aryan to bandy his new time resolution first. Aryan says starting a news channel is his new time resolution and he promises to show only what his cult wants to show on his news channel. Everyone crack. Narmada asks him to bring a bahu/ DIL for him. Harish says he wants to bring back what’s lost. Aparna asks why is he saying that.

Pankaj says he wants to help Aparna more in ménage chores, Rupali says she wants to open a music academy, Nishant says he wants to visit Pallavi in Australia, Malini says she’ll not let her thing snared by someone this time and any time. Imlie says she’ll not leave her dear bones either in happiness or anguish. Arpita scolds Aryan that he should stop allowing of plutocrat and suppose of bettering his life. Aryan thinks he’s working on 1 resolution for 4 times and says this time’s resolution his he’ll cover his family from every bad thing, be it bad situation, bad mortal, or.

Imlie Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

Anu walks away allowing she needs to find out about Babusaheb via amma/ Meethi. Aryan also walks down to make a phone call. Imlie clashes with him. He asks why did she fall down without any reason. She says due to the graveness effect and asks why is he questioning him. He says she’s carrying a gratuitous burden on her shoulders and hence she falls down constantly. He asks why didn’t she talk about herself rather than her so-called dear bones. She says when he can, why can’t she. She says the bones whom she feels as dear bones will ruin her life. She says what’s his problem if she thinks about dear bones.

Udaariyaan Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

He says the problem is Aditya is one among her dear bones, correct him if he’s wrong. She blabbers why would she say wrong. He stops her and says he doesn’t need any reason from her; he allowed she’s strong and intelligent and different from other girls, but he’s wrong; she performed the last rights of her sorrows by slipping gashes, but she cried the coming day itself; what happed to her pledge. She says nothing happed and she doesn’t watch for Babusaheb. He asks also why did she run away to call PGD.

She says to check on work progress. He asks her to stop lying and asks her to follow her resolution while he follows his as she dissatisfied him a lot. She thinks she doesn’t want to fail him, but she can not stop loving a person/ Aditya she loves. He thinks he’ll catch everything from a person whom she loves.

Imlie Written Update 10th January 2022 Episode

Aparna asks Anu about Malini’s condition. Anu says she shouldn’t bother as she noway watched for Malini, Malini is veritably tense regarding Aditya. Aparna says she’ll ask Imlie about Aditya’s situation. Anu asks why she still is behind Imlie when she has formerly disassociated Aditya. Aparna says Imlie is Aditya’s coworker and only she can inform them about Aditya’s whereabouts. Anu thinks she’ll not let Imlie speak to Aditya.

Imlie Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

Imlie’s associates enjoy liquor and offer her a drink. Imlie denies. Coworker Arjun says she’s too righteous/ Shareef. Imlie asks if they’re all badmash/ bad. Aryan warns her not to affront his guests. She says he’s a big badmash and gives a long lecture that bone who enjoys isn’t badmash. Aparna asks her if she got Aditya’s news. She says no and asks her to relax and chess. Aparna says it cheers and she doesn’t drink alcohol.

Imlie Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode: Imlie calls her associates and asks about Adi who says they didn’t see Aditya for some time. Aditya is seen as heavily inebriated during the PGD party. Aryan orders cranberry juice. Imlie hears that and comments one who’s getting everyone inebriated himself isn’t drinking. He asks if she thinks every man drinks. She says she didn’t mean that and shares her moral gyaan with her usual jokergiri. He asks the server to serve this girl some cranberry juice. She says she doesn’t let anyone control her life. He thinks he indeed doesn’t want her to give her life’s control to anyone differently.

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Imlie Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

Imlie 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie Written Episode Update 11th January 2022

Imlie Written Episode Update

Imlie Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode

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