Imlie Written Update 26th November 2021 Episode

Imlie returns to the hotel. Warden insults her saying she doesn’t have a plutocrat to indeed buy samosa, forget paying hotel freights, but was roving the whole day with a rich man grabbing a plutocrat from him. Imlie asks her not to start as she’s tired.

Warden checks Imlie’s bag professing her of hiding plutocrat, but doesn’t find any. Imlie confronts her that a woman is a woman’s adversary, being herself a working woman, she’s character assassinating a woman, etc. Warden warns her to get out of the hotel and goes to throw her bag out.

At House, Rupali sees Adi working on his laptop and tells Nishant that they should take Adi to Imlie’s party and shouldn’t Malini intrude between Adi and Imlie. Malini hears their discussion and thinks she formerly did.

Imlie Written Update 25th November 2021 Episode

She calls the warden and asks if she did her job. Warden says she demurred Imlie out of the hotel. Malini says she’ll transfer her plutocrat. Adi thinks when Imlie doesn’t need his help, why should he bother.

Imlie walks on the road holding her bag crying and singing a folk song. She remembers her time spent with Adi and thinks of calling him, but stops remembering leaving his house. She gets a call and precipitously picks it allowing it of Adi. Mithi speaks rather, and Imlie replies. Dulari asks why didn’t she wish Jai Seeta Maiya Ki.

Imlie does, exchanges with Dulari and Mithi, and says she’s busy at work and will call them latterly. Dulari asks if she’s really in office at this time. She mimics as asking drudge to handover her a train. Dulari says she should shift to the office to save time like the mailman did and disconnects the phone laughing.

Rupali greets bye to seniors to visit Smile. Nishant says they will be late after partying with Imlie. Aparna asks if Adi isn’t accompanying him. Rupali says his mood is out. Malini says after Imlie’s composition is published rather than his composition, his mood would be obviously out.

Aparna says Adi isn’t narrow inclined to be jealous of Imlie. Nishant calls Imlie and informs them that they’re visiting her to party. Imlie informs that she’s still stuck at the office. Nishant informs the family that the party is canceled as Imlie is still at the office. Malini supposes Imlie prevaricated to him.

Adi fixes Imlie’s composition on board. Aryan says there’s no need to fix this paper on board. Adi says it’s a piece of the rising sun. Aryan says he’s talking about a paper and not composition and fixes the composition’s big frame. Adi says he should concentrate on other interns also. Aryan says rather than arguing, he should write a better composition that can be framed on the wall.

They hear a sound and walk out to check. Adi says looks like there’s no bone there. Aryan asks him to go back also and checks near buses to find a pup. Imlie hides behind the auto. Aryan walks down without noticing her coddling pup.

Adi asks if he’s hiding a human behind a businessman. Aryan says a businessman can be mortal, but a human can change when everything is lost. Imlie thinks why they don’t go down. Once they leave, she enters the office via the window.

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Imlie 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Imlie Written Episode Update 26th November 2021

Imlie Written Episode Update

Imlie Written Update 26th November 2021 Episode

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