Imlie Written Update 6th January 2022 Episode

Imlie confronts Aditya that he trusts only Malini indeed now, she’ll not give any explanation and doesn’t want to hear from Malini again. Adi says she should leave him permanently and shouldn’t return. Imlie blames Malini again for their differences. Adi says the problem started when Aryan entered her life. Imlie says Aryan she doesn’t love Aryan and what should she do to move him. Adi asks to leave Aryan and noway meet him again, they both will stay together without anyone’s hindrance like ahead.

He asks her to promise that she’ll noway take Aryan’s name in her life and permanently get him out of his life. She says he’s supporting his ex-wife who openly expressed her love for him and doesn’t want to leave her, but he wants her to leave a purpose who supported her both financially and emotionally and gave her sanctum and food; he wants her to immolate her professional life and live with him as his woman, it’s better if he stays happily with his woman and child from hereon.

Udaariyaan Written Update 6th January 2022 Episode

Anu confronts Tripathi for not inviting her for post-wedding rituals. Pankaj taunts her that she always entered their house unasked. Rupali says just like she’s an unasked guest moment. Anu checks marriage snaps and says nothing is smiling in them, so she can’t let them print. Aryan replies that indeed her son-in-law isn’t smiling in his forceful marriage, she can see his gashes in a close-up view. Anu says whatever. Rupali says she can’t smile in a forceful marriage.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 6th January 2022 Episode

Malini says if the family is unhappy it’s her duty to make them happy, anyway a big chain is out of their lives now and they can be happy. Anu says Imlie isn’t a chain but their son. family member watches their snaps and thank Imlie for taking care of them like a true son. Aparna says she’ll not thank her son and will shoot her out to fly grandly and show her haters how high she can fly.

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Imlie 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie Written Episode Update 6th January 2022

Imlie Written Episode Update

Imlie Written Update 6th January 2022 Episode

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