Imlie Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode

Imlie Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode: Dulari provokes townies to discipline Aditya. They’re about to beat Adi when Meethi comes to his deliverance and shoos them down. Adi tries to touch her bases. She stops him and says if she can not curse him, she can not indeed bless him; she’s Seeta Maiya’s sucker and can not see indeed her adversary in trouble; now he should go his way and she’ll her way.

Adi leaves. Meethi confronts Dulari for trying to harm Adi. Dulari gets angry and asks her to suppose about her son. Adi meets terrorist Aatank’s assistant Chand and asks him to fix a meeting with him. Chand says Aatank doesn’t meet anyone so fluently.

Meethi calls Imlie and informs her about Aditya reaching there safely. Imlie asks her to keep an eye on him and cover him till he’s there. Adi tells Chand that he’ll not take monster Aatank’s story but will take interviews of the people who are troubled by Aatank. He calls them in for an interview. In Delhi, Imlie asks news broadcasters to show Pagdandiya/ PGD’s news feed. He is on Aditya’s news feed. Imlie watches it, walks to Aryan, and asks what’s he trying to do as PGD people detest terrorists and megacity people, so he’ll produce trouble Aditya if he lets him divert from his content.

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Imlie Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode

She shows townies’ interview clips. Aryan says he’s not then for charity, their company will be in gains if Aditya brings terrorists interview in 24 hours or additional Aditya will fail in his assignment. Imlie says he’ll not fail and walks down. Aryan thinks she trusts Aditya indeed now, but her trust will break with Aditya’s blood.

Meethi brings food for Aditya. Aditya asks if she doesn’t detest him. She says terrorism, hate, divorce are heavy words and she can not carry their burden as she needs to carry her son’s pain; he’s not her SIL but PGD’s guest now, she’s still her son’s mama and is concerned for her. Chand informs Adi that Aatank had called and agreed to an interview but needs a precious thing from him. Adi gives his watch. Meethi asks if it’s the same watch which he’d blessed Imlie. He says yes, Imlie returned everything.

Imlie Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode

Radha asks Aparna to give her someone’s number and takes her on. Malini waits for Aditya’s call and thinks he’ll call Aparna’s phone at least. Arpita calls on Aparna’s number and invites T’s family to new time Bhaskar Times launch party at her house.

Imlie Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode

Malini thinks it’s a good chance to bug Imlie. She returns Aparna’s phone and informs her about Narmada’s call inviting them for a new time party. Aparna asks if Adi had called her. Malini says no and walks down. Aparna thinks about why she seems so relaxed.

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Emilie’s coworker asks another coworker to pass on a duster. Imlie passes by and the duster is about to hit her when Aryan holds it and warns her to be careful. She says she was coming to him as Aditya has transferred a news feed before 24 hours. Aryan says he’s interested in checking footage and checking if Aditya covered it in an intriguing way.

She says Aatank is a dreaded miscreant who can harm Aditya. Aryan says Aditya himself chose this assignment, he’s bothered about the company’s gains first and also Aditya’s life. She says he should rename himself as a plutocrat publishing machine rather than Aryan. Hand informs him that live feed from PGD has started.

They watch Aditya’s live interview where Adi first asks if he’s wearing a developer mask as his master is interested to know. Imlie thinks about why Aditya is trying an unsolvable task. Adi asks his aphorism. Aatank says he needs justice from the system and a separate land for himself where he can freely guide. Aditya says Satyakam noway demanded a separate land. Aatank says Satyakam followed his set rules and hence now he’s in jail, Satyakam incorrectly trusted Aditya and is in trouble now.

Imlie smothers and thinks if she’s allowed to go there, she’ll educate him on the difference between terrorism and revolution. Aditya asks if he’s promoting terrorism or revolution. Aatank says whatever he thinks, he’ll destroy everything if his demands aren’t met. Newsfeed goes blank. The technician informs Aryan that Aatank’s men must have dissociated. Imlie thinks Aatank doesn’t feel to be from PGD, also why he’s taking PGD’s name.

Meethi returns home. Dulari confronts her for meeting her ex-SIL Aditya. Townies say they won’t let her give indeed a drop of water to Aditya. Meethi asks if she should let a guest be empty. They say they don’t watch as megacity people come and ruin their vill. Meethi says Aditya is helping them. They purport that her son must be pregnant like her and will bear an illegitimate child like her. She warns to dare not speak about her son. They pick gravestone to hit her. Dulari rescues her and shoos them down. She feels concerned about Iklie.

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Imlie Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode

Imlie 8th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie Written Episode Update 8th January 2022

Imlie Written Episode Update

Imlie Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode

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