Dr. Swati Mohan Biography NASA Scientist, Age, Salary, Birth, Wiki & More

Dr. Swati Mohan Biography NASA Scientist, Age, Birth, Salary, Wiki

Today we learn Dr. Swati Mohan’s biography. Dr. Swati Mohan is a NASA Scientist. Dr. Swati Mohan is trending because NASA successfully landed the Mars rover on the Mars planet recently. So Let’s know Dr. Swati Mohan’s Biography today.

Who is Dr. Swati Mohan?

Dr. Swati Mohan Biography: Dr. Swati Mohan is an American aerospace engineer of Indian origin who works at NASA. Swati has contributed immensely in successfully landing the rover of Mars 2020 mission in his lead.

Swati Mohan Biography NASA
Swati Mohan Biography NASA

Dr. Swati Mohan Biography, Wikipedia

Full NameDr. Swati Mohan
Husband NameDr. Santhosh Nadipuram
Birth Data Not Available
AgeData Not Available
Birthplace Bangalore, India
Nationality American
EducationCornell University (B.S.)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.S., Ph.D.)
Company NASA, America
Occupation Scientist

Swati Mohan Age & Education

Swati Mohan was born in Bangalore, India. But moved to America from India when she was just one year old. He spent most of his childhood in the Northern Virginia-Washington DC metro area.

In her childhood, Swati wanted to become a pediatrician but at the age of 16, Swati moved on to physics and decided to study engineering to pursue a career in space exploration.

Swati Mohan studied mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell University, after which she completed her master’s degree and Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Dr. Swathi Mohan & Dr. Santhosh Nadipuram have two daughters:

Swati Mohans Family Pic


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Swati has been a part of several successful and important missions of NASA, including Cassini (a mission to Saturn) and GRAIL (a pair of spacecraft flying on the moon) projects.

Why is it in the discussion?

Rover ‘Perseverance’ of the Mars Mission 2020 by NASA on Mars millions of kilometers away from Earth was “touchdown confirmed” (successfully) in the control room of the US Space Agency as soon as it landed on Mars. Descended) the voice echoed.

In fact, the entire mission is led by Indian-American scientist Swati Mohan, after which she remains in the headlines. Swati is dominated on social media as well, especially people are talking about her Bindi, after which people are also calling her as Swati ‘Bindi’.


In this article, we know the Dr. Swati Mohan Biography NASA Scientist, Swati Mohan Age, , Birth, Salary, Swati Mohan Wiki & More.

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