Udaariyaan Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode: Jasmin barges into the Lodhi gleeful. She tells the families and the vill people that Fateh has bestowed her a big ambuscade by arranging the fake matrimony and burning her passport to break her dreams. She adds that now it’s her turn to give him a return gift. She shouts that Fateh is the son of her partner MLA Khushbeer Singh Virk, Fateh commanded broke her life by chicaning her.

Udaariyaan Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

Satti tries to break Jasmin and asks her to neglect the history. Jasmin asks Satti to abandon her and allow her consummate her statement. Tejo rebukes Jasmin for hurting Satti. She asks Jasmin to have some shame and leave. Jasmin tells that she won’t advance until she unmasks Fateh. She tells them that she’ll advance formerly she gives a rejoinder gift to Fateh.

Udaariyaan Written Update 10th January 2022 Episode

She beyond humiliates Fateh, abandoning Virks amazed and atrophied with discredit. Fateh and Tejo were learning compact with love, but Jasmin ruins their pairing. Jasmin tells them that they can noway forget her after her surprise comes out. Jasmin’s abomination will blaze everything around. What’s Jasmin’s big ambuscade? She also fools Fateh like he wisecracked her expatiating about his big surprise before selling her faith.

Imlie Written Update 10th January 2022 Episode

How will she take her vengeance? Keep reading. Before the display, Angad asks Rupy to not assign Fateh, who cheated both his daughters and dallied with their feelings. He tells that Fateh will give anguish to Tejo formerly again if they trust him. He shows his concern and love for Tejo, and regrets that Tejo still thinks of Fateh, not him.

He tells that he stands no chance in Tejo’s life now, but he’ll always breathe her friend. Ruby tells him that he understands his real business and is blissful. He asks Angad to admire them as his family. Jasmin comes next to produce huge dramatics and cuts Fateh and his family intimately to take her vengeance.

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Udaariyaan 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 11th January 2022 Episode

Udaariyaan Written Episode Update 11th January 2022

Udaariyaan Written Episode Update

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