Udaariyaan Written Update 1st January 2022 Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 1st January 2022 Episode: New promo twist Fateh learns that Tejo loves him. He cries that he made a big mistake and lost her love. Angad and Tejo return home. They get into an argument when she tells them that she isn’t the girl who would marry him. Angad asks her to understand that he loves her a lot, he’ll keep her happy, he’ll cover her from anguish, which Fateh has given to her.

He tells that Fateh won’t take care of her. He asks Tejo to trust him formerly. Fateh tells that Tejo loves him so much that she couldn’t forget him. Angad slaps Tejo in wrathfulness and stops her from leaving his house. He sees the engagement ring returned by Tejo. He tells that he has to get Fateh out of his way first.

Angad and Jasmin ca n’t see Fateh and Tejo uniting. Tejo tells Fateh that she’ll decide for her life, Angad and Fateh can’t decide anything. Fateh accepts her decision. She takes the lead. He tells them that she’s right, he’ll make herself right and be able to win her love. Angad tells that he can’t let Tejo leave his life. Jasmin tells that she won’t let Fateh win Tejo’s love. Tejo doesn’t want to return to Fateh, allowing he has been too wrong to justify his conduct. Tejo loves Fateh but doesn’t forgive him. Will Fateh win her remission and also her heart? Keep reading.

Before the show, Angad tries hard to tell Tejo that she also needs a family. Fateh finds them outside the Gurudwara. He goes to hear Angad and Tejo’s discussion. He’s shocked to learn that Angad and Tejo’s engagement was fake. He’s further shocked when he hears Tejo’s confession of love for him. Fateh cries on hearing about her immense true love that’s just for him. Tejo refuses to marry Angad.

She tells him that she’ll not marry Angad when she loves Fateh. Fateh noway anticipated that Tejo loves him and that’s why she didn’t move on in her life. Angad is shocked too to hear a long speech of love from her that’s just for Fateh. Angad can’t tolerate that she loves Tejo. What will Angad do now? Keep reading.

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Udaariyaan 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan Written Update 1st January 2022 Episode

Udaariyaan Written Episode Update 1st January 2022

Udaariyaan Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan Written Update 1st January 2022 Episode

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