Udaariyaan Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode: Unanticipated Brawl Rupy begs Jasmin to spare Tejo. He tells that whatever wrong had happed with Jasmin, Tejo isn’t responsible for it. He tells that Fateh is responsible for her anguish. He knew everything about Fateh and Jasmin but didn’t tell it to Khushbeer, who was blubbing for his son. Khushbeer wants to ask Rupy why did he hide such a big thing from him.

He goes to meet Rupy. He asks Rupy about the argument for keeping the secret. He meets Rupy and his family. He asks Rupy how did he hide such a big verity from them. Rupy tells that Fateh had come home to confess his fraud. He adds that Khushbeer has no right to support a fraud person. Khushbeer argues with him to defend Fateh.

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He tells that Fateh isn’t a fraud, it’s Jasmin who cheated Fateh and everyone. He gets angry that Jasmin was having an affair with Fateh, knowing he’s Tejo’s hubby. This statement enthusiasms Rupy. Rupy yells at Khushbeer. Khushbeer shouts back at Rupy and holds his collar. Both the family members try to intermediate to stop the fight, but the fight gets louder.

Udaariyaan Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode

Tejo and Fateh come home at the same time and find their families in a huge brawl. They essay to bring peace and harmony in the relation again. Will Angad take advantage of this family feud and get Rupy on his side? What’s Jasmin planning against Fatejo? Keep reading.
Before the show, Rupy confronts Jasmin. He asks Jasmin to spare Tejo, and take her vengeance on Fateh, who broke her dreams.

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He asks Jasmin to detest him if she wants, but not Tejo. He tells that Fateh is the reason for all the feed, Tejo is pure. He tells her that Fateh has told him the verity on the marriage day itself. He asks her not to condemn Tejo, she got penalized for her own sins. He reprimands her, while Simran hears the verity.

Simran goes home and tells the family that Rupy was apprehensive of Tejo and Fateh’s trueness, but hid it from them. Khushbeer and Gurpreet get too worried. They want an answer from Rupy.

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Udaariyaan 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode

Udaariyaan Written Episode Update 7th January 2022

Udaariyaan Written Episode Update

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