Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 26th November 2021 Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 26th November 2021 Episode:

The Occasion starts with Akshu crying in the auto. Abhimanyu comes there on his bike. He stops at the signal, beside the hack. The song Lag jaa spasm … plays … He thinks of her. She turns and sees him. He also sees her. Kairav sees Akshu and Abhimanyu’s snaps. Vansh comes and asks what happed, you turned away before Akshu went, why. Kairav tells everything. Vansh asks why, did you shoot Akshu.

Kairav says she loves Abhimanyu, she ca n’t get down from him if she stays then, so I transferred her. Vansh says we could have plant another way. Kairav says Aarohi hates her, Akshu would get further sad, I want to see her happy, so I transferred him. Vansh hugs him and cleans his specs. He says I ca n’t say you did right or wrong. Kairav gets Akshu’s keys. He says she’d haven’t gone too far, I’ll go and give this to her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 25th November 2021 Episode

Akshu cries. Abhi stops there. A joe argues with Abhi. He asks his GF to sit still, differently he’ll poke her. She says everyone is watching, talk with mores. He scolds her. Abhimanyu gets angry. He scolds the joe and asks do you talk like this with your GF. The joe punches his face. Abhimanyu beats him a lot. He thinks of Akshu. He says you got love fluently, so you do n’t value her. Police comes. The joe says its not my mistake, he’s beating me.

Abhi says its his mistake, he was hanging his GF. The joe asks what’s your problem, she’s my GF. Inspector takes both of them to the police van. Kairav stops the inspector. He says I know Abhimanyu well. Mahima sees the bhai dooj tilak. Manjiri asks did he transferred this. Mahima says do n’t take his name, concentrate on your son.

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Neil comes and says Abhi is in shock, he is n’t suitable to treat himself. She says I m ready to do anything, just return me the old Abhi. He says I’ve an idea, his birthday is coming. She says but he wo n’t celebrate. He says I’ll make it memorable for him, I’ll unite Abhi and Akshara.

Kairav says thanks, I assure you this wo n’t be again. Abhimanyu says I do n’t want your favor. Kairav says I helped you because you were right, its not right to vent wrathfulness on someone, Akshu did n’t play any game, she stood silent. Abhimanyu asks did n’t she tell you anything, superb. Kairav asks what, tell me. Abhimanyu says she told a big thing to us. Kairav asks what happed. Abhimanyu says she cleared her stage in front of my family, she said she does n’t love me, she does n’t want to marry me, indeed my stage is same, her chapter is over in my life. He goes.

Kairav says that’s why she fluently left. Abhi hears this. He drives in wrathfulness. He says why do I want to stop her when she wants to go down from me. Parth says Abhi’s birthday used to be so special for us. Manjiri says I allowed to celebrate it with double joy, but everything went awry, do n’t know he’ll celebrate or not. Harsh says this time, this day will be without any joy.

Anand says he used to say that birthdays get him attention. Abhimanyu comes and says this time I do n’t want that attention, I wo n’t get wedded and I’ll not celebrate birthdays from now, sorry, I wo n’t be suitable to celebrate my birthday this time. He goes. Neil shows Abhi’s fight videotape to Manjiri. Akshu thinks of Abhi’s words. She writes Abhimanyu’s initials on the auto window. Manjiri goes to Abhi and consoles him. He says I saw Akshu moment, what shall I do, I still love her. He hears music. Neil says we’ve to do commodity to lessen his pain, we’ve to take Akshara’s help.

He calls Akshu. She does n’t answer. He dispatches her. She calls back. He says I want to meet you and talk to you. She says I’ve to board a machine. He says its really critical, its about Abhi’s life. She asks what happed to him. He says he’s alive but … I need your help, he does n’t want to celebrate his birthday, he’s going frenetic, he’s emotional. She says I m going down to fix effects.

Manjiri says I just hear to my heart and talk, sorry if you feel bad. Akshu says no, I m sorry. Manjiri says no, the situation is wrong, Abhi is true at heart, you’re like him so he chose you, you would be helpless to refuse to him, its my mistake, you both can help each other move on, please help Abhi.

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